iPad Loans

”If you had not come to his rescue with a loaner iPad and Touch Chat software June and July would have been the longest and probably most painful months of his life.”

Want to try an iPad before you buy?

The iPad loan program, initially funded by the California Communications Access Foundation, enables us to loan iPads loaded with various apps (with a focus on Augmentative and Assistive Communication software, which in effect turns the iPad or iPod Touch into a communication device. We are very excited about the possibilities of this new initiative. AAC devices are typically very expensive, out of the reach of many consumers, where an iPad or an iPod Touch, along with the required software, is significantly more affordable. We also believe the flesxibility of both the iPad and iPod work well for people who use AAC devices.

An additional part of this project has been offering trainings on the use of the iPad or iPod Touch as a communications device. We do these trainings live at the Ed Roberts Campus, and also offer webinars on the topic.

For information on borrowing an iPad, call or email us

You can call us at 510 841-3224 or you can email us at info@cforat.org for more information on borrowing an iPad.