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Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

CforAT provides a broad range of services, related to how people with disabilities use technology to live independently.

Our services can be divided into three categories:

Direct Service, where we work with individuals, family members, employers, and school districts to determine appropriate service for individuals with disabilities.

Consulting Services, where we work with businesses, libraries, government entities and other non-profit organizations to provide customized solutions for accessibility issues.

Advocacy Services, where we work to ensure that the issues and concerns of people with disabilities are considered when policy decisions are being made.

Direct Service

Our direct services are designed to meet the complex needs of a wide range of individuals, and to provide school districts, employers and businesses with the expertise they need to serve clients with disabilities.

We offer the AT Coalition, an online resource on assistive technology where people can get answers to questions about technology use by people with disabilities. The AT Coalition also offers webinars on a wide range of topics, and an "Ask an Expert" function where users can ask specific questions about technology. You can read more about the AT Coalition

Often the first step in learning about assistive technology is to attend a free Open Resource event, Open Resource is a time when people can come by and have a half hour appointment with a Computer Access Specialist. You can read more about our Open Resource events.

An Assistive Technology Exploration is a 1 to 1 1/2 hour appointment with a Computer Access Specialist, to get a more in depth look at assistive technology solutions. You can read more about an AT Exploration.

For children with disabilities, we provide full AT Assessments as part of an individual student's IEP. This is a comprehensive evaluation of a student's technology needs, with a detailed report that becomes a part of the child's IEP. You can read more about an AT Assessment.

We offer Keyboarding classes for kids in grades 4-12. You can read more about our Keyboarding classes.

We have a lending library of iPads and iPods for use by anyone who has speech/communication disabilities. These are loaded with various apps that convert the iPad into a speech generating device. You can read more about our iPad Lending Library.

If you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we provide long distance consulting services to individuals, school districts, employers, etc. You can read more about our long distance consulting services.

We work with clients of the Department of Rehabilitation to provide appropriate technology aimed at assisting them in finding a job, or in accommodating a current job. You can read more about our DR Services.

We offer classes for seniors through our "Senior Connects" program. These are introductory classes to using technology, and cover a wide range of topics. You can read more about our Senior Connects program.

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Consulting Services

We provide consulting services on accessible websites, making web applications usable by people with disabilities, product testing and technology access. We can assess the usability of your website by people with disabilities, test products and services with various individuals with disabilities, and work with your staff to enhance access for the disability market. You can read more about our business to business consulting service.

We offer user testing by people with disabilities for products and services. Many businesses want to ensure their products and services are usable by a broad range of users, but do not know how to get people with disabilities involved in their testing. We have a test bank of people with a range of disabilities, and which includes novice users as well as tech savvy users. you can learn more about our user test bank here

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Advocacy Services

CforAT acts as the lead intervener in proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission in both telecommunications and energy policy. This work is important in that it impacts every Californian, and involves what services are offered, how affordable service is for low income people, and how the utilities communicate with their customers. You can read more about our work at the CPUC.

We are also involved in many advocacy organizations that are working on issues related to disability and technology. For example, CforAT is a proud member of the Coalition of Organizations on Accessible Technology (COAT). CforAT is a founding partner in the Ed Roberts Campus, a consortium of disability non-profits that built a facility to house all our services in Berkeley.

For more information about what we do, please email us with any questions about our programs and services.