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Peripherals to Make Your Computer More Useable

There are many peripherals you can buy which will make your computer easier to use - not only for a person with a disability, but for any user.

For example:

A large monitor is an easy way to make text easier to read, and to assist anyone in using your computer.

A track ball may be easier to use than a mouse. Mice come in many different shapes and sizes, and an alternate mouse may help avoid wrist and arm strain.

Keyboards come in many different forms as well. An articulated keyboard, a one handed keyboard, or a large button keyboard might be right for you.

If you can't use a mouse, a head mouse (which allows you to use your head movements to move the cursor on the screen) can provide access, or a foot operated mouse might work best.

Switches come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions. Most computer functions can be activated by simple switches.

For more information on various assistive technology hardware, please email us.